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Corporate Legal Counsels in today’s world often work on complex deals with their external Law Firms, requiring constant exchange of information and documents; with growing demands for transparency and collaboration.

While e-mails allow corporate clients of large Law Firms to exchange information with their attorneys, they are not always secure and do not provide the means of a collaborative environment.

OmniAct Mobile is much more than a wireless platform that allows corporate clients of large Law Firms to see their own corporate data. Imagine working on a merger or an acquisition, with the full corporate picture of the entities available on hand, even outside of the office. Imagine the ability to automatically generate diagrams and holding structures on an iPad, and directly emailing them. Imagine a mobile data room, where corporate clients can share and review documents with their attorneys and track document views and edits.

With OmniAct Mobile, Corporatek redefines once again the boundaries of what is possible.

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