IntelliAct Technology

The IntelliAct Technology is the aggregation of all of Corporatek's Document Building and Automation technologies, methodologies and implementations.

IntelliAct is the technology behind document production of every member of Corporatek SPG’s family of products. IntelliAct allows for easy creation and maintenance of the simplest to the most elaborate documents and templates.

IntelliAct gives the user access to every element of a database without the need to provide connection information and, more importantly, without the need to write complex query statements.

Templates are coded using IntelliAct Graphic Script, IntelliAct’s companion language. This language fully integrates with word processors and document interchange systems. Simple natural language statements allow the user to control the flow of a document being built while a rich set of formatting functions handle the correct display of strings, dates, numbers, booleans, clauses, fields and graphics.

Performance improvements of several hundreds orders of magnitude have been achieved and observed when automating complex document building owing to the IntelliAct technology.