An internationally diversified Company, Corporatek is dedicated to offering its clients powerful corporate professional productivity software tools as well as sound and robust consulting, engineering, systems integration and turnkey telecommunications and computer systems solutions to the government sector.

With Headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and offices in Toronto, Paris and New York, Corporatek operates nationally and internationally through three major divisions:

Software Products Group

Corporatek Software Products Group is a leading provider of state-of-the-art highly integrated Corporate Services and Business Law Software Systems as well as Corporate Entities Management, Compliance, Subsidiary Governance, Records and Document Automation and Management Software Systems.

Its history dates back to 1983 when it developed and marketed the first PC-based Corporate Tax Returns Software System in North America.

Today, it focuses its efforts on the development and marketing of Corporate Services Software Systems for law firms of all sizes as well as Corporate Compliance, Governance, Records and Document Automation and Management Software Systems for medium and large corporations.

Corporatek Software Products Group also offers a whole range of services related to its products and undertakes, in conjunction with Corporatek's Project and Integration Group, large projects where its core products need to be expanded or interfaced to provide complete information systems.

Corporatek Software Products Group strives to provide its clients with serious, state-of-the art, technically and operationally sound software solutions that address real-life management and productivity problems, evolve rapidly with the ever-growing needs of their users, provide tangible and true added-value and are supported by the best customer care in the industry.

Corporatek Research

Shaping and constantly reshaping the Present and the Future with Research and Development...

Out of a deeply-rooted belief that directed scientific research and experimental developments are a cornerstone of the orientation of any growing company, Corporatek established its Research division in 1990 and allocated substantial resources to it.

Corporatek envisions R&D work as a necessity not only for the future but also for the present. Hence, several of the other areas of activity, in particular the Software Products Group and the Project Integration Group already benefit on an ongoing basis from the results of the R&D work conducted at Corporatek Research.

Corporatek Research is one of the major segments of the company's activities.

Highly directed research and development work is conducted by the division in the following areas and domains:
  • Cryptography and cryptophony
  • Coding and compression theory and systems
  • Object-oriented databases
  • Real-time specialization of object-oriented models
  • Wireless digital data communications
  • Multiple access protocoles and congestion control mechanisms
  • Wireless location systems
  • Symbolic computing
  • Grid computing
  • Computing environments modeling
  • Biometric devices mode

Project and Integration Group

Driven by its deep commitment to its customers, Corporatek has developed a unique model for its Project Integration Group. Every project is assigned at least one technical project manager, who is a specialist of our solutions’ technical architecture and features, and one business implementation specialist who is a former business practitioner, whether from the corporate world or from the legal world, who speaks the same language of our clients and who understands their unique requirements.

When selecting the EnGlobe or GlobalAct ecosystem, our clients are often not merely looking to license an application for a limited set of tasks, or a small set of users. The breadth of features of these systems often means that users from different departments, divisions, and geographies are affected – whether immediately or at later planned expansion stages. Automated workflows often mean that manual processes may have to be abandoned and new ways of approaching a problem sought. Collaboration tools replace emails. Compliance tools replace manual verification methods. User dashboards provide new means of visibility for company events, tasks, and current news.

Our project and integration group works in unison with the project leaders on the client’s side to ensure a successful smooth deployment. This approach lasts not only during the initial phases of the project, but throughout its lifecycle. From proposal, to IT requirements, to implementation services, to configuration and parameterization, to training, to go live and beyond, our team accompanies our clients step-by-step. And since integration is paramount for a full governance or business legal compliance ecosystem to ensure adoption by all users, and more importantly sustainability in the long-term, we use the Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model to unfreeze, change, and refreeze processes. Since resistance to change is a key factor affecting the success of key initiatives, this method enhances adoption and buy-in by end users – a parameter that is often overlooked.

A commitment to excellence goes beyond developing great systems. When we selected our moto “Perform”, we meant it across facets of our business. For us. For our clients.

Sharing a common vision of Technology and nurturing a passion for innovation, Corporatek’s divisions are in a constant search of excellence and are guided by the same stringent code of professional ethics.