Engage your clients in managing their IP portfolio

The GlobalAct IntelliIP portal is a rich intellectual property-specific platform that you can deploy for your clients to collaborate with them in managing their intellectual property portfolio.

The GlobalAct IntelliIP is a client-targeted portal for use by clients only and is a front-end of the GlobalAct System used by the law firm.

  • Provide your clients with a customizable dashboard that presents at a glance their IP and its status anywhere in the world, the opposition statuses if any, the documents supporting their IP applications, and their discussions with your firm in relation with their intellectual property
  • Expose an interactive world map to help your clients visualize at a glance the geographic coverage and protection of their intellectual property
  • Present to your clients your work and effort in monitoring their intellectual property
  • Establish a collaborative environment where you can maintain threaded discussions with your clients about their intellectual property
  • Publish IP-related knowledge bases for your clients

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