Law Firm Systems

The software systems offered by Corporatek Software Products Group to the legal profession are unique in their breadth, their reach and their quality.

Each member product of Corporatek’s Corporate Services and Business Law Software Systems portfolio perfects the functions of records management and maintenance, regulatory forms generation and management, document automation, assembly and management, workflows, business rules, reporting and e-filing and soundly aggregates them into a complete features set meeting the exact requirements of large law firms.

A Software Ecosystem For The Law Firm And Its Clients

Ushering the new era of the “Competitive Law Firm” that collaborates with its clients, the GlobalAct System provides all the tools and means for sustained, streamlined, controlled and simply elegant interaction between the law firm and its clients.

The World’s most comprehensive Corporate Records Software System

For the mobile law firm knowledge worker

Real-time collaboration
between the law firm
and its clients

Joint law-firm/client Intellectual Property Management