Business Law and Intellectual Property
Management Software

Built on the EnGlobe Framework and finely tuned to the requirements of Business Law Departments in large multi-office and international law firms.

Each generation of Corporatek Software Products Group integrated legal Systems has created a new, increasingly powerful and thoughtful user experience through pioneering design and innovative technologies. GlobalAct sublimates this tradition.

GlobalAct is the most advanced, most complete and most powerful Business Law and Intellectual Property Management Software System in the World today.

A pure web RIA (Rich Internet Application) system, GlobalAct redefines best practices in systems architecture and offers an unprecedented level of ease of deployment, performance, security and scalability. Worldwide in scope, GlobalAct manages with even ease any known legal form in the World and includes advanced capabilities for building new ones.

A single-click GlobalAct portal, fully user-customizable dashboards with internal and external feeds; workflows that allow the full automation of intellectual property registrations, from the initial client request stage, to the required filings and updates, to IP records maintenance; a fully-editable fully-automated diagramming and charting system, a world-class securities transactions and management system, e-fling engines with every major filing authority in the World, three document building, automation and assembly systems for various levels of proficiency all built on Corporatek’s unique IntelliAct® technology, a formidable repository of over 1000 self-filling regulatory forms covering all the major jurisdictions in the World, a security system of such a granularity that it allows for building the tightest ethical walls, over 1000 ad-hoc reports and a uniquely powerful user-defined reporting system, point-in time document building and automation, point-in-time regulatory forms production, point-in-time charting and diagramming, group calendaring, entity calendaring, a full-tasking system with fine definitions of recurrences, bidirectional e-mail communications with PIM’s such as Outlook and Lotus Notes, user-defined business rules with validation mechanisms, user-defined document workflows, user-defined system workflows, self-building Virtual Minutes Books©... ... all encapsulated in state-of-the art technology and wrapped in a most beautiful English, French, Spanish and German.

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