The World’s Most Powerful and Most Secure Private Board Portal System

GlobalBoards is designed not only as a meeting-centric software portal of superlative power when used as a dedicated Board Meeting Management portal solution, but also as the only Board portal with features specifically designed to exploit features that can only be attained when implemented as a fully-integrated companion to EnGlobe. When both software solutions are used jointly, unprecedented levels of automation can be achieved for all stakeholders in the process. Not just for the meeting itself, but for its preparation, and for actions that need to be undertaken after a board meeting is held.

Recognizing the fact that in corporations with global subsidiaries, Directors are often on the boards and committees of several of the group’s entities, GlobalBoards’ elegant interface was designed to be the most intuitive, both for the meeting in session and for all their other meetings and committee’s obligations – past and future. Not just for one entity, but for all subsidiaries, where applicable. GlobalBoards includes features specifically designed for subsidiary governance – allowing a holistic view of all boards and meetings within a group, and not just within a single legal entity. And, for external Directors, GlobalBoards was designed to provide segregated access to board meeting information and documents, fully under the control of the Corporate Secretary office.

Leveraging the immense power of the EnGlobe System, the iPad-based mobile board meeting portal, GlobalBoards helps improve governance by facilitating communications and enabling a timely view of current and historic company information.

While stand-alone Board portals generally require meeting documents to be prepared ahead of time and to be uploaded onto a dedicated server in anticipation of each Board meeting, GlobalBoards’ integration with our Entity Management Software, EnGlobe, allows the automatic preparation of board meeting documents and the creation of meeting space, agendas, surveys, data rooms, directly from within the EnGlobe governance solution. Further, since corporate datasheets, personal datasheets, and shareholding diagrams are generated and date-stamped in GlobalBoards directly from the EnGlobe system, Board members can be confident that information is current.

Administrators can efficiently produce board meeting materials in the EnGlobe System and then push this information to the iPad mobile board portal, drastically cutting the time needed to prepare for and conduct a meeting.

Using the iPad capabilities as front-end and the EnGlobe System Server capabilities as back-end, GlobalBoards offers directors, corporate secretaries, general counsels, administrators and officers a uniquely complete environment to conduct the affairs of companies worldwide. Finally, the unique configuration flexibility of GlobalBoards allows it to accommodate not only Corporate Board meetings and committees, but also any meetings for other private or public bodies where a paperless, secure, mobile collaboration platform is required.

Seamless EnGlobe Integration

Thanks to its full integration with EnGlobe, GlobalBoards can recognize changes in the corporate lifecycle that require a Board resolution, and add them automatically to a meeting’s agenda.

A Director resigned since last Board meeting? A Director moved to another country and is no longer qualified to act as a Board member of a specific entity because of residency requirements? Too many mandates for a Director, in excess of legally-allowed simultaneous mandates in some jurisdictions? GlobalBoards, when used seamlessly with EnGlobe, recognizes such changes automatically, and can be set to automatically build and include corresponding resignations, appointments, and resolution documents for the next Board meeting… And also generate legal entity regulatory compliance filings, where required, after the meeting.

When used as companion to EnGlobe, documents such as resolutions and agendas can be made available for viewing both in EnGlobe’s Board Portal and in GlobalBoards within a specified date range, while other documents such a corporate datasheets, ownership charts and personal information sheets, are always up-to-date, since these are generated on-demand directly from the live EnGlobe solution. No standalone Board Management portal can achieve this level of automation and accuracy.

Further, GlobalBoards was conceived for both paperless corporate Board meetings where attendees are physically present at the same location, as well as for communication and sharing for virtual Board and committee meetings. And, since mobile users do not always have access to Wi-Fi, documents can be securely downloaded to the iPad for offline use, and all notes and updates are stored and automatically securely synced whenever an internet connection is available.

GlobalBoards' seamless integration means that it can also identify regulatory requirements for timelines to be observed between meetings, or for timelines needed between a meeting’s invitation date and the meeting date, and issue automated reminders and tasks to Corporate Secretaries that a Board meeting is due soon, or overdue. And when a meeting is held, it can identify attendees who are present in the meeting and determine whether a quorum is attained in accordance with jurisdiction-specific compliance rules that can be set in EnGlobe’s IntelliX compliance engine.

GlobalBoards can generate workflows that can in turn generate tasks to assigned persons or team members, or that can generate board meeting agendas which automatically include events requiring Board notification or approval. And no dedicated portal can take surveys at the end of a meeting, turn them into automated resolution documents, that are then automatically routed for verification and approval, and that automatically update corporate virtual minute books and automatically generate tasks for required regulatory filings, once approved. Simply. Efficiently.

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