For the Highly Mobile
and Competitive Lawyer

Highly competitive and mobile corporate lawyers require instantaneous access to their clients’ corporate information and documents in real-time. and without the inconvenience and risks of carrying a client’s minute book into meetings – especially if these meetings are held outside of the office.

GlobalAct Mobile provides handheld mobile access capability to attorneys in large Law Firms to their clients’ entire current and historical data and virtual minute books, including corporate documents, datasheets, share capital structure, and regulatory forms and filings. A handheld mobile extension of the GlobalAct System, GlobalAct Mobile provides the capability for workflows including document reviews and approvals, to be initiated in GlobalAct, then continued on an iPad, and sent back to GlobalAct for the next step, all transparently.

GlobalAct Mobile is much more than a wireless platform that allows attorneys to see clients’ corporate data. Imagine working on a merger or an acquisition, with the full corporate picture of the entities available on hand, even outside of the office. Imagine the ability to automatically generate diagrammatic holding structures on an iPad, and immediately discussing them with the client. Imagine a mobile data room, where parties can share and review documents and track document views and edits.

The GlobalAct System and GlobalAct Mobile redefine the boundaries of what is possible for the highly mobile competitive lawyer.

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