Corporatek strives to attract and retain the best people and provide an environment where they can all develop professionally and build a rewarding career. As a result, we have an environment rich in diversity that acknowledges each individual's uniqueness, values his or her skills and contributions, and promotes respect, personal achievement and stewardship. More than any other factor, we view the quality and integrity of our people as the thing that most distinguishes our company from our competition.

Most companies provide global opportunities, experience with multinational corporations, extremely challenging assignments, first-class training and above-average salaries. You can take that for granted.

But the people - and the culture they create - are what separate one company from the other.

What do we mean?
  • First and foremost, we perceive the world with our vision but we see it through our clients' eyes, from their point of view. She's that person who's operating under immense pressure to complete a big, messy, complex undertaking that will have a huge impact on her organization. She's the one with the Big Problem. He's the young doctor who relies on our telemedicine system to save a life. We use that perspective to guide everything we do.
  • We are guided by a beautiful code of ethics, adopted not imposed.
  • We are intelligent, confident, and experienced.
  • We enjoy a collegial working atmosphere where ideas flow unhindered and where the best argument always wins.
  • We are candid and objective. We are not afraid to say "we don't know," and we're not too proud to look for the right solution - wherever we can find it. We tell it like it is, good or bad. And we keep our word.
  • We combine the best of the strategist with the best of the technologist, understanding that every business opportunity has technology implications, and every technology initiative should be driven by strategy.
  • We collaborate. Why? Because in today's world nobody has all the answers. Problems are too big, too global, and too complex. Either you bring together the expertise you need, from multiple sources, or you lose. Bottom line: we recruit and hire people who think collaboratively.
  • And lastly, we have a "do-what's-right reflex." By viewing the world through the eyes of our clients and through the eyes of each other, we hone our instinct to do what's right. This perspective generates a clear set of principles that align our character, philosophy and style with our clients' and our employees' wants and needs

We believe this environment is extremely rewarding for our people.

If this sounds like a company you want to join, please send your C.V. to

All information submitted will be kept in strictest confidence. We are constantly searching for telecommunications engineers, information technology specialists, IT systems architects, database designers and administrators, systems analysts and programmers. Please do not apply for a position with Corporatek Research if you do not hold a M.Sc. or PHD from a known university.