Corporatek is a leading provider of state-of-the-art highly integrated Global Corporate Entity Management, Subsidiary Governance and Compliance, Contracts and Risk Management, Intellectual Property Management, Document Automation and Management and Securities Management Software Systems.

EnGlobe - Entity Management Software

EnGlobe is a substantive, unified and truly global Corporate Entity Management Software system that is designed to meet the governance and compliance requirements of today's multi-jurisdictional enterprise. With support for all known legal entity types, it includes and self-fills all applicable regulatory forms and e-filings, governs all management bodies, meetings, minutes and agendas, streamlines intellectual property management and tracking, possesses one of the most complete and powerful transactional securities management systems, provides document automation and management capabilities and addresses security, workflows, audits and reports to the most stringent compliance and governance requirements.

GlobalBoards - Board Meeting Management Software - logo

GlobalBoards is the world’s first and only mobile board portal that communicates directly to a Corporate Legal Entity Management Software system.

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For the highly mobile Company Secretary
and legal knowledge worker…
EnGlobe access anytime, anywhere

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Law Firm Systems

The software systems offered by Corporatek Software Products Group to the legal profession are unique in their breadth, their reach and their quality.

GlobalAct - Legal Corporate Services Software - logo

Built on the EnGlobe Framework and finely tuned to the requirements of Business Law Departments. GlobalAct is the most advanced, most complete and most powerful Business Law, Document Automation and Management, Securities Management and Intellectual Property Management Software System in the World today.

GlobalAct Mobile allows lawyers and other workers in large Law Firms to have mobile access, on an iPad, to their clients’ entire virtual minute books and many other up-to-date information.

GlobalAct Client Portal Software Solution - logo

The GlobalAct Client Portal platform allows clients of large Law Firms to see their own corporate data directly and interact systematically with their lawyer and his staff.

IntelliIP - Intellectual Property Management Platform - logo

Collaborate with your clients in managing their intellectual property portfolio anywhere in the World.

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