ActFlow Technology

The ActFlow Foundation is the software architectural framework underlying the construction, management and execution capabilities of operational and documentary workflows in Corporatek's latest generation software systems.

ActFlow provides users with the capabilities to design workflows reflecting their specific operational and procedural requirements in a full-graphical environment. A rich Actions and Conditionals library is fully embedded in the ActFlow Foundation to enable the users quick and safe selection of actions, conditionals and decisions to apply to workflows without requiring them to devise core or derived actions. Intuitive and fast process modeling and creation is guaranteed using the ActFlow Foundation.

The ActFlow Foundation also provides the users with the capabilities to build, manage and execute sub-workflows and parallel workflows as well as the capabilities to linearize workflows. Workflows linearization are transformational techniques that morph a complex workflow to a multi-dimensional multi-step wizard that guide the users accomplish the most complex tasks in a structured and error-free process.

A uniquely performing notification system including automated tasks creation, alerts and e-mails complement the ActFlow Foundation to make it a most powerful, most flexible and most extensible structured process center.

An integral part of the EnGlobe Framework, the ActFlow Foundation inherits its superlative performance and response times characteristics and enables the users to rely on a real-time compliance and control mechanism to perform all governance and compliance tasks.