The EnGlobe System
for the Mobile Corporate Secretary

The EnGlobe Mobile Platform is a fully-integrated handheld mobile application that integrates directly with the EnGlobe System and its contents. As a seamless extension of the EnGlobe System, EnGlobe Mobile provides ubiquitously the following capabilities to the highly mobile knowledge worker:
  • View information stored in the EnGlobe System
  • Execute Document Approval Workflows
  • Annotate and sign documents
  • View corporate minute books
  • View organizational charts and diagrams
  • View and run published reports
  • Access information stored in the EnGlobe System’s data rooms
Of paramount importance is the Security of EnGlobe Mobile: unlike any other handheld mobile access, the Security of EnGlobe Mobile is totally set and controlled from within the EnGlobe System itself and inherits all of the multi-layered security mechanisms of the EnGlobe System.

EnGlobe Mobile. When work can’t wait for your return to the office.

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