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Corporatek clients include corporations and financial institutions in almost every business sector in almost every country as well as national and international law firms.

Our products and systems are used every day by clients in 110 countries and 157 jurisdictions.

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As Project Manager for Swiss Re's project to change our Legal Entity Management solution, I have been working with a team from Corporatek for more than one year and, at this time, I would like to give you my very positive feedback on the team and the EnGlobe product.

In May 2013, Swiss Re decided to evaluate alternative providers and solutions in the area of Legal Entity Management software. We received responses to our RFI from 11 companies, shortlisted 3 candidates and picked Corporatek’s EnGlobe after a detailed review.

After a successful Proof of Concept, we moved directly to the implementation phase which was successfully accomplished in March 2014. We worked together with the Corporatek team to critical and aggressive timelines and were able to deliver the project on time.

Since the end of the project the solution has been adopted by all users at Swiss Re.

Overall, the whole Swiss Re team is extremely satisfied with the support received from the Corporatek, all team members have consistently engaged with us in an open and enthusiastic manner and dealt with our queries in an open and patient fashion. They have consistently striven to understand our environment and requirements and have often anticipated and steered us away from potential problems. I feel that all team members have worked incredibly hard to support us, often turning around analysis, configuration, coding or migration work in very little time (though short turnaround had not been requested) to ensure we remain on track. They have also provided support out of hours (early morning and late evening) to ensure we progress the project, often in the face of unclear or changing requirements on our side. Deliverables are consistently of very high quality and a lot of attention to detail has been shown by all members of the Corporatek team.

In addition, I would like to mention that it has been noted on our side how the Corporatek team members always provide timely responses, are highly organized, dedicated as well as responsible and accountable for deliverables.

In relation to the EnGlobe product, I would like to highlight the following points which have impressed the Swiss Re team (compared to our old application):

  • EnGlobe is much more streamlined and information is only 1 or 2 clicks away, plus the multi-window functionality is extremely useful.
  • In EnGlobe it is easy to configure advanced searches (compared to our current tool) and make them available in different areas of application.
  • EnGlobe contains a lot more capabilities for enhancing processes, such as efficient, easy tracking of review and sign-off workflow, automated notifications within workflow, and ability to add multi-dimensional aspect to the data (segmentation grid determining different screen).
  • EnGlobe is by far the more complete application and contains much more functionality which we could potentially use in the long term via a suite of integrated products.
  • EnGlobe is user friendly.
  • EnGlobe has been easy to integrate in to our landscape and extend with customizations and configuration specific to our needs.
  • The ease with which the application is deployed and made useable in our environment is very impressive.

Beata Dudler
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

Qualcomm initially reviewed several vendor tools including the most current iteration of our incumbent product. We ultimately settled on three possible tools/vendors. Based on the RFI responses, vetting of those responses, technical evaluation, reference calls, live demonstrations and vendor responsiveness, we chose Corporatek’s Englobe product to go through a “proof of concept”. The decision fell on a combination of factors and scoring, including our interaction with Corporatek staff. We felt that the Englobe product had the best technology stack to support our long term needs. We also felt that the product would meet all of our current business needs in addition to our long term support needs as we grow with the product.

We chose to do a proof of concept instead of going directly to implementation because of our previous experience with other products. To ensure that the product will behave as it has been promised and in a manner consistent with how we conduct business, we felt that a thorough testing would be necessary before committing to the product long term.

We have since completed the proof of concept with a positive impression of the Englobe product. This provided us with the opportunity to put in real world data and observe first-hand how the application would perform in our environment and within our business processes.

Dominic Crosby
IT Legal

The EnGlobe Software System has been selected by the Auchan Group in order for all of the entities of the Group to benefit from a unique, centralized, all-inclusive information system which would be available for all the countries in which Auchan operates, to manage all of the Group’s legal matters and ensure a common, reliable source of information.

Auchan’s legal business team’s criteria for choosing EnGlobe included:

  • A fully integrated, all-inclusive and consistent software solution which covers all of the matters managed by the Corporate Departments of Auchan, including the ability to generate contracts and agreements using the software;
  • A user-friendly, modern interface that pleases the eye;
  • Accessibility of the software for all of Auchan’s subsidiaries worldwide;
  • No need for specific development regarding the software, as its extreme flexibility and customizability allows it to adapt and add additional topics as required by the growth of Auchan’s organization;
  • A powerful search engine;
  • A fully secured environment.

During the implementation phase, the Corporatek team members, both in France and in Canada, were always involved and catering to our needs.

Magali Rohart
Legal Director, Corporate Group
Groupe Auchan

The IT Department of the Auchan Group selected Corporatek’s EnGlobe Software System pursuant to a public tender in which participated all the major legal software providers on the market.

The software required by Auchan had to cover corporate entity management, contract management, the management of the powers of attorneys, bank endorsement and guarantees as well as intellectual property management. It also had to have a collaboration portal.

Auchan’s IT Department selected EnGlobe for these reasons and others, including:

  • Software based on a modern, state-of-the-art technology ensuring data security, performance and flexibility;
  • No need for the Auchan Group to require specific development projects from the software provider, with the ability to fully parameterize and customize the software according to Auchan’s requirements, ensuring an on-going flexibility and growth over time;
  • Corporatek’s Central Administration Console (“CCAC”), used to manage EnGlobe instances and environments, to manage EnGlobe licenses, to manage LDAP access, to manage passwords, to perform updates and upgrades management and to perform software maintenance;
  • A user-friendly interface;
  • The ability to access EnGlobe on different devices (desktops, notebooks, mobile devices) as well as on different browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • EnGlobe’s multi-layered security system (compliance, confidentiality, auditability, traceability and data integrity)

LoÏc Michot,
Manager, It Department (DSI), Finances
Groupe Auchan


Bell’s relationship with Corporatek goes back to 2002 when we opted to convert our then existing database to EnAct Platinum Enterprise. At that time, our database contained over 1,200 active entities. The tipping points for choosing EnAct at that time, were the extensive collection of corporate forms, the ability to view and track historical information as well as the numerous fields and the flexibility of building reports.

Our decision to upgrade to EnGlobe was prompted by the need to share our database with one of our affiliated company who in turn has numerous subsidiaries. This sharing of database saves us valuable resources and facilitates access by various internal departments. Also, the fact that EnGlobe is a web based tool which can be accessed from anywhere was another deciding factor in our decision.

I can mention many features which we truly appreciate in EnGlobe, such as the detailed audit trail, the level of security settings and the report generating functions, but these would be of little importance were it not for Corporatek's receptive and attentive customer service. To us, this is the most important feature which has kept our business relationship growing. Corporatek Is sensitive to our company's needs and is always open to accommodating our many requests.

Mary G. Margiotta
Associate Director, Corporate Secretary’s Office, BCE

The acquisition by the Corporate Secretariat of the National Bank of Canada of the EnAct Corporate Edition Software System was the result of a long process of analysis and evaluation of similar products existing on the market. Corporatek have clearly set itself apart with the functionalities contained in its software product, the great number of clients from the corporate world and its great reputation with the law firms.

One of the essential criteria for us was to select a user-friendly product with multiple functionalities which would allow us generating reports and filing statutory forms before the national and foreign authorities. Another important criterion was the reliability of client support. Our provider must treat our request for support within a reasonable timespan, update its software system regularly and provided us with the latest versions of statutory forms. Finally, bilingualism of the interface was crucial to our users. Corporatek has met with all of our requirements. Corporatek has implemented the EnAct Corporate Software System and we are satisfied with our choice.

Ever since National Bank of Canada has started its interactions with Corporatek, we have been impressed by the quick response of its client support team. We also appreciate the constant efforts made by the support staff to evaluate our particular requirements to propose innovating solutions.

Me Martin-Pierre Boulianne
General Manager and Associate Corporate Secretary
National Bank of Canada

Over ten years ago, SNC-Lavalin was approached by various Corporate Entity Management System providers. Corporatek was the service provider which, aside from having a competitive price, at that time, had the most user friendly software and was appropriate for SNC’s corporate needs.

Since then, it has been beneficial for SNC to use such software, because of the volume that we manage, which is more or less three hundred entities. Obviously, it is less time consuming when we only have to generate a form and/or ledgers from the system to update an entity instead of having to complete a PDF blank form and/or complete ledgers using a Word document.

Over the years, Corporatek has provided a good quality of service for SNC in terms of conversion, implementation, and on-going support.

Gina Batrouni

Investors Group has been using Corporatek’s EnAct Software System since early in 2005 (note: now migrated to the EnGlobe Software System). The Corporatek EnGlobe Software System was chosen because the System offered many of the applications we were looking for in a user-friendly manner.

Corporatek’s software systems have simplified our day-to-day corporate maintenance in many ways, including enabling certain record changes to be made once in the system and the change automatically updating all entity's information and the ability to generate reports in a short period of time, such as Corporate Summaries, Personal Information Reports, Corporate Filings Notices and Returns and Corporate Return Act Filings, which not only saves time but ensures a more accurate, error-free document.

The staff at Corporatek is very professional. They provide us with same day response and are as accommodating as possible.

Susan Wardekker
Associate Manager
Investors Group

Some of the benefits for using EnGlobe at Mackenzie Financial are:

  • Quick and easy access to the general information of an entity
  • Capability to access and view our parent company’s data in a read-only mode
  • Easy to manage and update of our corporate data
  • All corporate information and documents can easily be accessible using the Virtual Minute Books functionality – examples: access to articles, by‐laws and minutes, the capacity to generate registers, etc.
  • Automated document generation works well for customizing reports, and we continue to explore more options to produce more reports and set create precedents
  • The system promptly notifies users that regulatory forms are updated and new/updated forms can be automatically uploaded
  • The capability to perform amalgamation of companies and share transactions provides value to our day‐to‐day corporate data management
  • The capability to do e‐filings

Linda Cheng‐Woo
Legal Department
Mackenzie Financial Corporation

CIBC is a leading Canadian-based international financial institution, providing a full range of financial products and services in Canada and around the world through its three major businesses - Retail and Business Banking, Wealth Management and Wholesale Banking.

The Corporate Secretary’s Division of CIBC has been using Corporatek Software Systems since 2003 to carry out its responsibility for managing the corporate information for more than eight hundred CIBC subsidiaries and affiliates. While the database is located at CIBC’s head office in Toronto, we have several “web-based’’ users worldwide who can inquire and generate information from the database to respond to frequent compliance/regulatory questions, including day-to-day questions on signing authorities. We rely heavily on Corporatek Software Systems to complete and generate all types of federal/provincial forms and internal reports to address various regulatory and corporate filing requirements as well as management reporting obligations for CIBC’s subsidiaries.

Corporatek management and its support group have maintained a very good working relationship with CIBC, and it’s comforting to know that we can approach its management directly for any questions.

Mida Douglas
Senior Manager, Subsidiary Services

La Caisse de Dépôt et de Placement du Québec has been using Corporatek’s EnAct Software System since October 2004.

With EnAct, I can update all registers of directors, officers and shareholders. I can print and classify information in the corresponding Virtual Minute Books. In addition, EnAct allows me to manage the share capital of all the business entities I manage, while updating the transactions registers.

Our enterprise has chosen Corporatek’s EnAct Software System because of the presence of the Quebec statutory forms from the Registraire des entreprises, and for the way in which EnAct automatically generates information on the forms as well as for the ease of use and operation of this software system.

The main benefits of using the EnAct Software System are:

  • Fast execution (performance);
  • Well detailed registers in the Virtual Minute Book;
  • EnAct’ s easy to consult General Data Entry;
  • The easily tracked entity status;
  • The Entity Links which allows confirming if a director or another person is linked to our business entities.

At the time of the database conversion from our old system to EnAct as well as of the implementation of this software system, Corporatek has provided an excellent support by the transmission of a demo version and by the way Corporatek has met with our functionality requirements. We always have an excellent on-going support service.

Aline Binette
Corporate Secretariat
Caisse de dépôt et de placement du Québec

General Electric has been a user of Corporatek’s EnAct Corporate Edition since approximately 2003. I currently manage entities within EnAct, whose jurisdictions range across Canada as well as overseas to the UK and Europe.

GE purchased the software system due to its ease of use, user friendly functionality and excellent support team.

As the responsibility owner for GE’s Canadian entities, I am responsible for maintaining accurate corporate records which would include information such as directors, officers, shareholders, extra-provincial registrations and business names. The EnAct product is a vital tool in my day-to-day functions of maintaining and updating this information. The EnAct product is a vital tool in my day-to-day functions of maintaining and updating this information. In addition, EnAct allows me to view all of this information at a touch and also provides the ability to provide, in a fast and efficient manner, electronic versions of the information to my internal customers (e.g. in house lawyers, business leaders, etc.).

The top benefits to the Corporatek System are:
  • * Functionality and ease of use
  • * Ability to keep and maintain accurate minute book records
  • * Ability to provide instantaneous reports
  • * Ability to generate resolutions, documents, and government forms

The quality of service provided by Corporatek’s Software team is of a very high level. Form updates and system upgrades are handled in a very timely manner ensuring the integrity of the information reported to government regulatory agencies as well as internal customs.

Helena Miller
Corporate Secretary, GE

For more than 150 years, Blakes has proudly served many of Canada's and the world's leading businesses and organizations and ranks as one of the top Canadian firms on the Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters and Merger Market M&A League Tables in terms of transactional value or number of deals for Canadian announced transactions. Blakes serves a diverse national and international client base and handles transactions of all sizes and levels of complexity. The Firm has more than 550 lawyers in offices in Montreal, Ottawa. Toronto, Calgary. Vancouver, New York, Chicago, London, Bahrain, Beijing and associated offices in Al-Khobar, and Shanghai.

Blakes has been using Corporatek’s software system, EnAct, for more than 10 years. We manage several thousand corporations using the EnAct database. We chose Corporatek's software system because it was the only system on the market that provided us with one simple tool that would maintain corporate information, diarize renewal reminder dates, provide an electronic minute book, and generate forms and documents. We use Corporatek's software system as a tickler system (renewal reminder for annual returns, business name renewals, annual resolutions, etc.). It provides easy access on a daily basis to electronic minute books; it allows us to generate forms and documents from all jurisdictions in Canada; and it allows lawyers and staff in all of our offices to "read only" from their desktops information on corporations for which we act.

We have derived many benefits from the software since its implementation. Some of those, as noted above, include the ability to maintain electronic minute books, which allows us to retrieve information whether in or away from the office. This is an important benefit for our employees but also an integral part of our disaster recovery plans. We can now complete forms for all jurisdictions, update minute book registers and prepare documents much faster from information stored in the database and generate corporate reports quickly for clients. EnAct also helps us to manage our inventory both on site and off site.

From the time of conversion and implementation to the present, the quality of service from Corporatek has been excellent. The conversion went very well with no disruption to our users. The Corporatek staff are always available to answer questions and to assist with any problems that our users may encounter. They are very prompt in updating all government forms and keeping us apprised of changes in legislation and in forms in jurisdictions across Canada.

We are very satisfied and happy in our relationship with Corporatek.

Joyce McGuiney
Manager, Transaction Services

Karen Anderson
Manager, Corporate Services
Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP

McCarthy Tétrault deployed EnAct in 2001 in our Toronto office and subsequently in Calgary, Montreal and Quebec City. In 2008 we merged our local databases into one shared database.
EnAct is our corporate management database of choice due to its bilingualism, functionality and integrated features. We manage thousands of active entities and EnAct's infrastructure supports corporate history information for predecessors, as well as merged and dissolved entities for ease of reference.
Our firm uses many of EnAct's features on a day to day basis, the most valuable of which include:

  • Multi-jurisdictional management of entities;
  • Management of entities based on entity type;
  • Management of multiple types of unmanaged entities in the General Data section;
  • Ability to maintain virtual minute books;
  • Availability of historical data;
  • Availability of forms for multiple jurisdictions;
  • Freely Edit Forms feature;
  • Ability to create customized Corporate Data Sheets.

We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Corporatek. Their service is dependable, friendly and open and they are attentive to detail and willing to listen to our needs, which is extremely important to our firm. Technical support is also critical and Corporatek's staff is a valuable asset. They always answer our requests for information with enthusiasm and take suggestions and special enhancement requests seriously.
EnAct makes it so much simpler for our firm to manage and execute our evolving and changing legislation. To that end Corporatek ensures their staff takes all necessary steps to ensure the technology side of EnAct is up to date.

Paula DeMers and Lynda McNie
McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Miller Thomson first moved to deploy EnAct Platinum on May 14, 2005. At that time, we managed approximately 7500 corporate entities.

In choosing EnAct Platinum, the key features for us were read-only access (WRAS), the automatic form updates, and the fully bilingual software.

Further, the batch assembly of documents within the program allows for maximum efficiency in preparing bespoke corporate documents, and the WRAS module alleviates corporate staff from responding to routine information requests and focus instead on more billable activities. Standardization across all offices on a single database product provides for our Firm:

  • More accute training and knowledge sharing
  • Faster access to corporate data for non-users (lawyers)
  • No more in-house coding of Government forms for use with the database

We were quite happy with the conversion of our legacy database. The actual data was nearly perfect.

J. David Jordan
Manager, Applications

Stewart McKelvey is one of the 20 largest law firms in Canada with more than 220 lawyers in six locations in Atlantic Canada. After an exhaustive evaluation of corporate records software, our three New Brunswick offices installed EnAct in 2003. In 2004, our Nova Scotia office installed a separate EnAct database. Our offices in Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island began sharing the Nova Scotia database in 2008. In 2009, the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia databases were merged into a single database shared by all six offices. At every turn, Corporatek has been there with solid support and guidance.

Contacts and principals are easily managed through General Data Entry and Entity Links is a critical tool for us. The Entity Data Entry is flexible enough to accommodate various types of business associations in various jurisdictions. Registers and ledgers are very easy to maintain and minute book production is easily tracked.

Output functionality is key. Our users are able to customize document precedents and reports independently and when assistance is needed, Corporatek support is just a phone call away. Document packages allow us to easily manage our annual maintenance processes. We count on Corporatek to keep all government forms up to date.

Finally, EnAct’s virtual minute book is top notch. With over 32,500 entity records in our database, universal access to corporate records across our six offices is invaluable.

These are some of the reasons we originally selected EnAct, and they remain its primary benefits. Because of Corporatek’s continuing development efforts, we have had no reason to look elsewhere. The enthusiasm for EnAct of a recent lateral hire, who had been using a competitor’s product in her previous position, reinforces our belief that it remains the industry leader.

Dawn L. Coutreau
Director, Paralegal Services
Stewart McKelvey

Stikeman implemented Corporatek’s EnAct Software System in 2007 for our paralegals working in our Corporate Services department. Since then, we manage in the system around 10,400 business entities.

We appreciate this software system because of its bilingualism, among other elements. The other benefits are as important to us:

  • information which is always available at the tip of the finger;
  • efficient document production for registers, share certificates, statutory forms, virtual minute books;
  • active and inactive business entities located in the same database;
  • complete inventory for each business entity;
  • management of the number of business entities assigned to paralegals;
  • user-defined reports available at all times;
  • personalized support service with a staff member assigned to our law firm;
  • automatic acknowledgement of receipt for a support request sent by email;
  • follow-ups by Corporatek and updates of the software which take care of our comments.

Lynn Grassby,
Director, Corporate Services, Stikeman Elliot LLP