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Engineered to address the global concerns and requirements of today’s Corporate Secretaries and General Counsels


With the EnGlobe software system, Corporate Secretaries can better manage legal and ownership structures, corporate history and minute books. Validations and structured controls ensure that your records are accurate, complete and compliant; so that you can attest their legitimacy with confidence. The System's Core Corporate Secretarial functionality is represented below.

Comprehensive management of business entities and persons of a given group. Basic management of business entities outside a given group (external business entities). Management of the state of the business entity, based on the legal operations conducted in the application.

Management of the historical timeline of the business entity legal information, including entering dates and events associated with a registration in the EnGlobe database follow-up through reporting and document production in real time (i.e. point-in-time as per user’s choice).

Management of a business entity lifecycle, from its formation to its cessation, including its articles amendments, long-form and short-form amalgamations, acquisition, split leading to dissolution, split by partial transfer of assets, conversion, etc.

Comprehensive management of the relationship between business entities managed in EnGlobe and their stakeholders (board members, officers, signatories, incorporators, etc.), through multiple appointment and resignation tools and workflows.

Creation and management of organizational structures, based on the jurisdictional, operational or geographical specifications of a group of business entities and persons, with the ability to produce configurable and exportable diagrams.

Management of capital and securities, including: Capital evolution management, Equity capital management, Debt capital management, Holders, Provisions management, Transactions, Market values.

Comprehensive management of assemblies and meetings of a business entity, including their basic information, agendas, minutes and resolutions by manual entry or workflow.

Management of external entities providing services to the business entity such as external auditors and legal counsel, banks, agents or proxy holders, registries, business registration centers, etc.

Management of Persons files, including their basic information, citizenships, residencies, appointments, as well as their relationships inside and outside a group of business entities or holding.

Management of the entity’s complete Intellectual Property portfolio, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and internet domain name.

Portal for Board of Directors (or equivalent) to optimize meetings, by centralizing in one location all relevant documents required to conduct meetings equipped with a Virtual Meeting Room to conduct voting, connected from a work station, or a mobile device.

Document Buidling and Mangement features include: Self-filling Templates and Regulatory forms, Contextualized document storage per record. Documents versioning, Documents auditing and more.

Includes an Embedded Workflow Construction and Execution System and Embedded Data Management tools including Data Validation, Duplicate Detection, Workflow Processes and File Verification capabilities.

Management of filings and filing rules necessary along with details related to those filings, complete with an automated tasking system, including recurrences and reminders.

Management of fiscal periods, financial statements, bank accounts, business assets and more.

“The ease with which the application is deployed and made useable in our environment is very impressive.”

Beata Dudler

Vice-President, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

“We felt that the EnGlobe product had the best technology stack to support our long term needs”

Dominic Crosby

IT Legal, Qualcomm

“…state-of the-art functionality that surpassed that of its competitors by a wide margin”

Mary G. Margiotta

Associate Director, Corporate Secretary’s Office, BELL

“The implementation of the EnGlobe Software System has significantly increased our efficiency and our productivity.”

Susan Wardekker

Associate Manager, Investors Group

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