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A Total System for Corporate Governance

EnGlobe is a substantive, unified and truly global solution for Corporate Entity Management and Corporate Governance. A pure web RIA (Rich Internet Application) system, it formally parameterizes all known entity types, sets-out logically and organically all known securities, includes and self-fills all applicable regulatory forms and e-filings, governs all management bodies, meetings, minutes and agendas, streamlines all intellectual property management and tracking tools, provides all document automation and management systems and addresses all security, workflows, audits and reports to the most stringent compliance requirements and standards.

Uniting, in a superbly architected and executed software environment, the world's most comprehensive business entities management system, a contracts and agreements management system of superlative power and granularity, a uniquely complete business assets and intellectual property management system coupled to one of the most complete securities management systems, EnGlobe epitomizes modern thinking in the fields of compliance and subsidiary governance worldwide.

A foundational software system specifically architected and engineered to address the global concerns and requirements of today’s Corporate Secretaries and General Counsels, EnGlobe is a global system uniquely suited to the its epoch.

From highly specific corporate entity management tasks to the automation of the production of legal documents and regulatory forms and filings, EnGlobe presents the user with a uniquely complete, jurisdiction-contextualized software environment that facilitates and streamlines many of the tasks and controls required for achieving the highest level of Corporate Compliance and Governance.

Sound corporate governance is critical to your organization’s performance. EnGlobe allows you to better track corporate records to prevent structural conflicts, protect investor’s interests and safeguard corporate well-being.

With the EnGlobe software system, Corporate Secretaries can better manage legal and ownership structures, corporate history and minute books. Validations and structured controls ensure that your records are accurate, complete and compliant; so that you can attest their legitimacy with confidence.

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EnGlobe has no boundaries… It can manage an American corporation or Limited Liability Company, a French S.A. or S.A.S, a Canadian Association, Trust or Insurance Company, a British PLC, Commonhold Company or Crown Corporation, a German Personengesellschaft or Kapitalgesellschaft or a Malaysian Bank or LLP, all with equal precision and rigor and all with definitive answers to all regulatory and compliance concerns.

And as for compliance in a world where the rules are ever changing, the configuration flexibility of rules within EnGlobe are such that the solution allows administrators to manage rules directly, without additional development. Whether it is for document auditing and retention under Sarbanes-Oxley, or concurrent mandate limits for French NRE rules, or determining filing requirements for FATCA, EnGlobe adapts perfectly.

EnGlobe speaks many languages… It is delivered in four languages: English, French, Spanish and German and includes all the tools to add languages in a simple systematic way.

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